A secret guide to vintage inspired knitwear

Without good knitwear, winter can be a nightmare for the vintage loving gal, at least in regards to wardrobe choices. Long gone are the days of flirty sun dresses, colourful cotton circle skirts, sandals, a little jacket at the most. I live in Berlin, where winter has no mercy for a girl who grew up in coastal Italy, so I always need warm clothing.


For years I have been on a quest to find stylish and glamorous knitwear to wear with my vintage wardrobe. Being a small size it is extremely difficult for me to find vintage knits that don’t make me look like a clown. So my main option is vintage reproduction knitwear.

I have compiled a guide that includes off the peg items as well as vintage style knitters who take commissions.

As far as commissions go, my tip is to talk to your chosen knitter at the beginning of summer. By doing so I enjoyed not being in a rush and actually looking forward to winter.

1. SJB VIntage Handknits 

I have three beautiful 1940s cardigans knitted by Sandy Belfitt and couldn’t be happier with them!



2. 1940s Style For You

Lucy knits the most divine jumpers and cardis from what I like to call the golden age of knitwear: the 1940s. For commissions please e-mail their Facebook page directly.



3. Michele Marck Knitwear

These are ready to ship knitted jumpers in 1940s and 1950s style for both ladies and gentlemen.

4. Emmy Design

Emmy is a vintage inspired company based in Sweden. They are good at warm and cosy designs and their winter cardigans are every day wardrobe staples.


The gorgeous miss Victory Violet for Emmy Design

The gorgeous miss Victory Violet for Emmy Design

5. Rocket Originals

British company Rocket Originals make fabulous 1940s shoes and casual pret-a-porter knitwear.

6. Ains Elke Style Haus

One (or two) of their jumpers are on my ultimate ‘to have’ list!! Ains Elke Style Haus are based in the US and they reproduce iconic novelty knitwear such as the lovebirds sweater or the heart and dagger knit. And you can also choose arm length. Swoon!



7. Raven Madd Clothing

Raven Madd Clothing – formerly Big beautiful Barbara Brown – offer 1940s snoods and hats at competitive prices (as well as repro clothing). I commissioned a crochet snood recently and I cannot recommend them enough!



8. Bloody Edith

Bloody Edith is a vintage reproduction company based in Italy. They offer pants and ready to ship knitwear. They also offer limited edition jumpers; I absolutely love this pentagram design!



9. Wollarium

Wollarium is an Etsy store and they are based in Berlin, Germany. They offer scarves and commissioned  1940s knitwear with different types of yarn.

10. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a UK based rockabilly clothing company. They manufacture some lovely knitted tops, like the much coveted Spiderweb Bobbie jumper.





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