Hello vintage world!

Hello and welcome to my vintage blog and website!

Let me introduce myself and my concept.

My name is Honey and I run this place with my beloved dog Lola. This blog is about the life of a vintage loving girl and a rescue dog.


I plan to post informative articles about vintage fashion from the 1920s to the early 1960s. However my speciality are 1940s and 1950s or mid century fashion. This is what I wear on an everyday basis and this is mainly what I sell.

Together with this blog I am starting an Etsy store and will document how I set up my new vintage business. It is all very exciting and new to me and I hope you will follow me in my vintage journey.

A little bit about me: I am an Italian living in Berlin, which I now call home. I have also lived in London for many years; there I refined my taste in all things old and stylish.

For the past eleven years I have been a burlesque showgirl. I collected a nice amount of vintage showgirl pieces which I proudly brought back to the stage. I am also the co-editor of the Vintage Berlin Guide and co-organizer of Berlin’s only mid century vintage fair called Old Fleas.

Me wearing a 1940s showgirl costume. Photo by Bichard.

Me wearing a 1940s showgirl costume. Photo by Bichard.

Vintage fashion is my passion, and in particular the Dior New Look era. I am crazy about bakelite jewellery and have a huge collection of bangles, but I also wear vintage-inspired plastic jewellery. I adore novelty print fabrics and Mexican hand painted skirts, I collect an insane amount of handbags and have a weak spot for needlepoint purses…in short: all those special garments and accessories which belong to the past.

Besides vintage fashion, I love books, dogs of course, walking with Lola, drinking good wine with good friends, cooking…I like to enjoy life to the full and be surrounded by beauty, and I hope that my blog will be just that!

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